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Manda Jane…


Manda Jane has been my sidekick, my parter in crime, mi amiga numero uno for nearly two decades now. We met in elementary school when I moved to Tallulah from Texas back in 3rd grade.  Through the roller coaster of life, we have remained the very best of friends! 

Weird as this may sound…I believe that Amanda is my soulmate.  Noooooo….not THAT kind of soulmate.  Another kind. The kind that God sent to me because he knew that I’d NEVER make it without her!  We know everything about one another.  We can even sense when something is “going on” with the other.  It is kinda scary sometimes; that sixth sense we have about one another.  It is a wonderful, beautiful friendship & I always, always, always thank God a little extra for sending me such a great friend!!!!

You will see Amanda at most every photoshoot with me.  Lugging around props.   Helping me set up. Cooing at childern, trying her best to elicit a smile.  Not because she has to be.  Not because she is getting paid to be (she won’t take the money).  But because she is just THAT great a friend! I am a lucky, lucky person to have Amanda as a friend!!!!





We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers. 



One response

  1. donna

    I thank God for Manda Jane too!!!!.How sexy…lol

    October 30, 2009 at 2:59 pm

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