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A very SPECIAL wedding…

 Just a TINY sneak peek for you Jess 😉


A very RAINY wedding…


Another lovely wedding…


May/Schell Wedding

Just a little sneak peek from the May/Schell wedding….more to come.


Christie and Wheatley

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This wedding has been YEARS in the making.  These two star-crossed lovers found one another when we were in high school.  Long story short…they split, went their separate ways and years later found one another again.  I only wish that Cindy were alive to see this day! I would LOVE to hear her reaction to Christie FINALLY becoming Mrs. Merritt.  😉

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.  EPHESIANS 5:21



This photo shoot was QUITE an adventure….


There was a little teeny-tiny bit of tresspassing involved!


Not to mention…we had a visitor or two!

It was GREAT fun you two.  Glad I got to come get some pictures of the BIG DAY!  &&& Christie….don’t say I didn’t warn you.  😉 heeeeheeeheeee